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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Simple Way to Avoid Check Fraud

Every year companies and individuals lose millions of dollars to check fraud. Thieves steal checks from mailboxes, change the payee name and then cash the check.

Think of it as getting mugged, but without the threats and physical violence (and without the opportunity to inflict an appropriate violent response to the mugger in self-defense either).

Thieves who commit check fraud first have to steal a check that has been issued by a person or a business or government entity. Next, the thief uses a common household chemical to wash the name of the payee and the dollar amount off the check, but leave the payer's signature in place. Then, the thief writes their own name, or the name of a fake business for which they have already opened a bank account, on the check, and adds whatever amount of money that they want to steal. The thief then takes the check to their bank and cashes it or pays it into their account.

But there is a very simple way that anyone who writes a check can prevent this type of theft. Simply buy a Uni-Ball 207 gel pen and use it to write checks. The special ink in the pen will not wash off when someone tries to tamper with the check.

While this is a great idea, it doesn't mean that we can be careless with where we leave our mail and our check books and credit cards. We need to be sure we keep financial material away from people who do not need to know our personal business.

Here are some links to stores that sell the Uni-Ball 207 pen. Before buying, make sure it actually says that it helps prevent check fraud. There is a message right on the packaging: