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Monday, January 3, 2011

Armed American Radio

Last night I was a guest on Armed American Radio. This is one of the fastest growing radio shows in the country, and last night they added local stations in Illinois and California to their growing pool of listeners. The show covers topics associated with firearms ownership, legislation and crime. One interesting aspect of the show was my discussion with host Mark Walters about the murder of a Georgia police officer by a career criminal. It seems crazy that the justice system allows violent offenders to get into a cycle of being caught and released to commit another violent crime, caught and released again.

We agreed that the legal system has to be reined in to do more with repeat offenders than just put them in this revolving door system that has been a problem for decades. (Does anybody remember career criminal Willie Horton, who gained notoriety during the 1988 Bush/Dukakis presidential campaign?) Mark is going to kick off this effort with a petition to the government that will be available on the Armed American Radio website, and we'll see where it can go from there.