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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Helping Young Women to Take Care of Themselves

I recently gave presentations at three Boulder County high schools:  Monarch, Fairview, and Centaurus. The topic was situational awareness and having very simple plans to deal with challenging situations. There was a high level of interest from the young ladies who gave up their spare time to meet with me. One thing I've noticed (and that has been confirmed to me by other instructors and presenters) is that most women in their teens are very good at absorbing knowledge and applying those lessons learned if it's presented to them in a straightforward manner.

  That was fun. I hope I'll get invited back. Thanks to Red Tent Club (LIKE them on Facebook) for arranging the visits.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lessons We Can All Learn from a Forest Fire Evacuation

A recent forest fire in the mountains south west of Denver, Colorado has prompted some families to rethink their plans for bugging out when the Sheriff's Dept. ordered residents to evacuate. Some people lost their homes to the fire, some were unable to return home for a week.

The Lower North Fork fire started in very dry, windy conditions in a heavily forested residential area around Conifer, Colorado. Some residents called the authorities to ask what was happening, but at that time, the fire wasn't considered a serious problem, so some people wasted time before finally evacuating.

The first lesson to be learned from this is, when you have concerns about your safety, don't wait to be told to leave. If you think it is safer to leave rather than stay, then leave!

Second, some simple preparations at the beginning of fire season, hurricane season, tornado season, or any other time of the year when certain natural disasters are more likely to occur, is to keep a bag packed with the important items such as personal papers, emergency cash, change of clothes, etc. Have a plan for where to go; Keep the car with at least a half tank of gasoline at all times; Be able to notify friends, relatives, neighbors, and emergency personnel such as local law enforcement about who you are, how many people in your family or group, and where you can be reached.

Practice leaving home inside of five minutes and plan accordingly. These are just a few of the things that should be included in a bugout plan.