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Now you can buy my book: "Dealing With Danger -- Be Prepared, Aware and Decisive"

My Book, Dealing With Danger is now available at Lulu.com. Also available at Amazon.com price $15.95

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'dealing with danger: be prepared, aware and decisive' is Available on the iBookstore
It's an instructional book to show people how to develop a straightforward, but comprehensive mindset or mental attitude to be aware of their surroundings, make simple but effective plans, and know when to put them into action. You can read a preview of the book online. A lot of people say that we need to develop a warrior attitude, but that just doesn't work for everyone. In my book I'll show you, regardless of age, gender, background, physical ability, and especially attitude how to be better prepared to survive the bad events in life by becoming a junkyard dog. Just click here.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book Signing Today!

Today is a big day for the Junkyard Dog. I'll be signing copies of my book, "Dealing with Danger" at Borders Books, Flatirons Mall, Broomfield, Colorado at 1pm. The book is $15.95 and you can also order it online at www.lulu.com and also at www.amazon.com . You can also check my website www.junkyard-dog.net for more details.

The next book signing is also at Borders in Broomfield on Saturday, June 26th at 1pm.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to look around you and be aware of your surroundings!