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Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Tornado Season. Do You Have Plan?

The tornado that swept across parts of Oklahoma recently and that touched down in Moore, OK, a few miles from Oklamoma City, was an E4 strength tornado. E5 is the most powerful. The tornado was estimated to be between one and two miles wide. Tornados can be incredibly unpredictable and extremely destructive. The Oklahoma tornado killed at least 24 people and  destroyed homes and two schools, according to reports.

While escaping or bugging out to safety is often the preferred method of surviving a natural disaster, there isn't always time to get away from a tornado, and because it can move so quickly, it isn't always possible to outrun it. Last weekend's tornado that hit parts of Oklahoma City also brought a lot of rain. Many people who tried to either drive out of the storm or get home from work were stuck on clogged freeways. Being stuck in a traffic jam AND in the path of a tornado is a very dangerous situation. A car is not a safe shelter for a tornado, it can be picked up and carried a long way by the high winds.

Modern technology has provided many towns and cities with up to 15 minutes warning of a potential tornado strike. This doesn't sound like much, but it's better than it used to be and it gives many people enough time to seek shelter where they are.

I think that it's a good idea before the annual tornado season begins, to put together a simple bugout bag that contains items that would help a person to survive for a few days in the event of a tornado hitting their home or where they work.

However, there is an alternative to to escaping from a tornado, and that is to Shelter in Place (SIP). SIP is often a much safer alternative to trying to outrun a tornado. People have done it for decades. Often, they simply go into the cellar of their home and hide under something solid, such as a workbench or table. It may not be perfect, but it's quick and simple to do, and it doesn't involve escaping while carrying a bag of belongings and going outside into the path of the tornado.

Many public places such as airports and government buildings offer designated tornado shelters. These are also good places for people who are not at home to seek shelter, but you have to know where they are located BEFORE there is the threat of a tornado.

Survival always comes back to the same principles: Be AWARE of your surroundings, be PREPARED with a simple plan and a few items to survive a specific, predetermined disaster, and be able to DECIDE if or when to put the plan into action.

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